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f you’ve ever tried to implement a customer feedback or Voice of Customer program in your organisation you may have found it more challenging than you were expecting. In today’s customer focused business world, it’s essential for organisations to listen to their customers and proactively seek feedback, but it’s not always a straightforward process.

The indian Marketing Institute (AMI) and Vision Critical recently surveyed 244 marketers in india about their attitudes and experiences of Voice of Customer programs. The resulting report showed a few challenges that were common to many and are something to be aware of if you are planning to create and implement a VoC program for your business.

1. Poor utilisation and integration

Even the best VoC program in the world isn’t going to achieve its potential if it’s not implemented properly. This is a challenge for 82% of marketers according to the report. To be effective your VoC program should be embedded into the foundations of your business structure.

2. No buy in from internal stakeholders

This can easily become a downward spiral, as lack of internal buy in will impact the utilisation and integration of the program. This will then in turn reduce the benefits to the business, resulting in even less buy in. Support is essential for an effective VoC program but only 49% of marketers surveyed in the report felt they hadn’t experienced any challenges with internal buy in.

3. Lack of a strategic approach or leadership

This is another problem that can lead to a reduction in the effectiveness of your VoC program. Without a clear objective and direction, you’re going to struggle to gain support across your organisation and if you don’t have a clear strategy and process, implementation is going to be very difficult and potentially confusing.

4. Overly high expectations

Unrealistic expectations can lead to eventual disappointment when the program doesn’t achieve as much as it aimed to. While it’s important to make the benefit clear when requesting support from other stakeholders and employees, be wary of creating false expectations! With clear aims and objectives you can show what the program is going to achieve and help it reach its goals.

If you are aware of the challenges before you jump in and start creating your VoC program you can help overcome them and boost your chances of success.