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Most businesses undertake some form of marketing in a bid to capture the attention of shoppers, and for some of us advertising can be a significant expense. Getting the highest conversion rates you can is the best way to ensure a strong return on your advertising and marketing investment and get those sales coming in.

Here are three suggestions to help you increase your conversion rates.

Focus on value not price: Christmas, for example, is not a time of year when people want to be cheap, but they do want to give gifts that are going to bring value to the recipient. Quality is also usually considered more important than price around holiday seasons. These are the features to emphasise when marketing your products at this time of year.

Personalisation is key: Gift giving is a very personal experience and people are often looking for personalised gifts rather than generic, meaningless consumer goods. If you can market a gift that’s personalised and unique, you can tap into this seasonal trend and boost your sales. It doesn’t have to be complicated – Nutella has had great success with their personalised labels – a simple yet very effective way to personalise a low cost gift for someone.

Focus on mobile: Mobile continues to be a crucial part of the customer experience at any time of year. While many customers still prefer to visit stores in person, generally they like to research products on their mobile before they go in-store. Once they’ve made a decision they might then go to the store to view an item and make the purchase. Having an active presence on mobile lets you become part of that process from the beginning, without this your customers might not even know about you.

Make the most out of your marketing campaign by tapping into seasonal trends. You put a lot of time and money into your advertising – make it worthwhile with a great conversion rate and a heap of sales!