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Mobile technology has brought us a wave of navigation apps and software but Waze managed to stand out from the rest. Recently acquired by Google, Waze has disrupted the mapping industry by creating an app that is not primarily designed to help people get to places they’ve never been before, but to help commuters steer clear of traffic and other potential obstructions and get to work faster.

The app uses data sourced by users to estimate the average speed of different routes, taking into consideration traffic, construction and police presence. It then provides users with a choice of different routes ranging from fastest to slowest. It also reroutes users if traffic or an accident suddenly appears on the route ahead.

Waze is disruptive to the industry because it doesn’t require expensive and time-consuming map making like Google Maps. The maps are created by the users as they drive along different routes, which mean they are always up to date and accurate.

The level of accuracy when it comes to time estimates is also far higher than other GPS services, as it takes into account all the relevant factors including temporary ones like big social events, accidents and even weather