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There are few industries more entrenched in their old habits than the fast food industry, both here and in the US, but a new wave of disruptive businesses are challenging the traditional image of cheap and dirty fast food.

Chipotle is a US based Mexican fast food restaurant chain that focuses on quality ingredients, naturally grown and non-processed foods along with healthy cooking methods.

Chipotle have been so successful that they have managed to outdo Subway, another chain that markets itself as ‘healthy fast food’. This is mainly due to the changing ideas of what healthy means among millennials. In recent years there has been a shift from low calorie to ‘clean eating’, with non-processed, ethically sourced and grown foods high on the top of the priority list.

While the calorie count of Chipotle’s foods are higher than many of its competitors, including some of the meals at McDonalds, consumers are drawn to them because of their promise of antibiotic free meats and freshly prepared ingredients.

Chipotle has managed to outmanoeuvre its competitors by tapping into this trend and appealing to a whole generation of health conscious young people. Others like Subway are still struggling to keep up, and many of their claims of health are seen as irrelevant or even untrustworthy among consumers these days.