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CVS health is a US healthcare company that is disrupting the retail pharmacy industry in a big way. Last year CVS teamed up with a number of US telehealth companies to provide in store telehealth services where patients can chat to a physician via video link from within a CVS store.

CVS also houses medical clinics and provides pharmacy services across the US. Their services have disrupted a long established primary healthcare model of high consultation fees and difficulty accessing quality services for many. Their partnership with telehealth companies has made affordable, quality healthcare accessible to more people than before.

One of CVS’ biggest disruptions is to the traditional drugstore model in the US after they decided to stop selling cigarettes and tobacco products in their retail stores in 2014. They’ve also created a quit smoking program that includes personalised coaching, medical support, online resources and help finding support services in the local community.

Instead of trying to profit from their customers’ unhealthy addictions CVS works with them to help them improve their health in a personalised and tailored way. They tap into the corporate social responsibility trend in a really simple way that resonates with their customers and supports them as a genuine, authentic healthcare brand