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Launched in 2010, Instagram is now a highly successful social media platform with a strong emphasis on visual content. When it launched, Instagram was very different from the other social media platforms out there, which mostly focused on written content in their posts.

What is interesting about Instagram is that their rise to success came at a time when traditional photographic companies like Kodak were failing miserably. The failure of traditional photography companies was largely due to the rise of smartphone cameras and digital photography. Instagram made it easy to take great looking photos and upload them instantly so they could be shared with others.

The unique feature of Instagram when it first came out was that it used filters so that users could interact with their photos and change them to look like they were taken decades ago, or create a specific mood or feeling. They could then post them to the platform and share them with others.

Instagram was only a small start up but they managed to create an online, mobile photo sharing and posting platform that appealed enough to people for them to keep growing. Now Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there and has around 500 million active monthly users.