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Love it or hate it, Facebook is one of those companies that has completely transformed the way we socialise, work and even market ourselves to customers. What started out as a university social networking site launched in 2004 has since spread around the world and now has over 1.5 billion active users every month.

Facebook disrupted the face of modern communication with both its online profile platform and its messaging platform. Over the last decade, it has gone from a personal communication tool to a media distribution channel and changed the face of marketing radically. Many people now get their news mostly from Facebook instead of conventional newspapers and websites and entire businesses are marketed using the platform.

The world of digital photography was also disrupted when Facebook came into being. It was the first platform where people could upload and share photos with their family and friends, and people could comment on them. Facebook takes the idea of connecting people as its central philosophy although it has become much more than that.

In a global world where families and friends are dispersed, Facebook gave them an easy way to still feel part of a community and connected and this has been a big reason for its success.