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When creating a mobile website, as a small business marketing consultant, I recommend that you keep in mind a few strategies that best take advantage of the small size of mobile screens and the behaviors of mobile users.

Keep it quick

1. Reduce large blocks of texts and use bullet points

2. Compress images for faster site loading

Make it easy to buy something or contact you

1. Reduce steps needed to complete a transaction

2. Keep forms short and make data entry easy

3. Use click-to-call functionality for all phone numbers

Simplify navigation

1. Minimize scrolling and keep it vertical

2. Use a clear hierarchy in menus and avoid rollovers

3. Use clear back and home buttons

4. Use seven links or less per page of navigation

Help people find and get to your local sites

1. Have your address or store locator on the landing page

2. Include maps and directions. Use GPS when possible

3. Allow customers to check stock at nearby stores

4. Make sure your mobile website is being indexed for web search



That’s quite a long list to take in and be on your brief for your developer. In my experience, it’s best to be as thorough as possible, as our future is mobile.