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As well as posting content to Instagram on a regular basis, if you’re going to really stand out you will probably want to run some more specific marketing campaigns. The trick to great Instagram campaigns is to encourage interactivity and engagement and a well-executed campaign can be a huge boost to your follower numbers and engagement.

While there’s no magic bullet that will get you hundreds of new followers overnight, there are a few things you can do to boost your Instagram following as quickly as possible.

Here are a few of my suggestions.

Integrate Instagram with your regular marketing campaigns

If you’re promoting a new product or service you can incorporate Instagram into your overall strategy. This will help boost your followers and provide more consistency for your followers and customers.

Instagram is a great place to build anticipation and post updates and coverage of a new product launch, conference or event. Try to provide something original that your followers won’t find on other social media platforms.

Use competitions to boost your Instagram followers

Contests are very popular on Instagram and they are a fantastic way to integrate the online and offline experiences of your customers as well as build an engaged following.

There are a few different ways you can run your contest on Instagram. Most businesses opt to either ask people to follow them, comment on a photo, like them or use a particular hashtag in exchange for entry into a prize draw. The prize should be something that is related to your products or service and it should be appealing enough to entice people to enter.

One of the most successful contest formats encourages users to post their own photos or images with a specific hashtag. This is great because not only does it encourage interactivity, it also increases your exposure, as entrants’ friends will also see the image and hashtag. You could ask users to post a photo of themselves using your products or you can tap into an emotional response by asking them to post a photo of something that is significant in their life along with the relevant hashtag.

Participate in the community

Instagram, like most social media platforms, is reliant on the community and this is where you can actively give back and improve your social media reach at the same time. To participate in the community, take some time each day to follow people and interact with their content by liking, sharing and commenting on their posts.

When you do this regularly you will find that many of the people you follow will follow you in return, and they in turn will interact with your posts and engage with your brand.

Use paid advertising


Like most social media platforms, there comes a time when growing your followers organically is not quite enough. If you are looking to boost your social media marketing results and you have a social advertising budget, Instagram advertising is a great idea.

Sponsored posts and ads can help you reach new followers fast by displaying your posts to a whole new audience of people you might not otherwise reach. You can undertake paid advertising through Instagram itself, or you can use third parties who partner with Instagram to offer online ad buying tools.

Growing your Instagram followers takes time and relies on a consistent effort on your behalf. The time you put in will be well worth it though as a strong Instagram following will give your brand a huge boost and this can in turn have a positive impact on your sales.