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We live in a truly connected world thanks to the cloud and mobile technology, and more recently we’ve seen our level of connectivity deepen and develop through the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things (IoT) includes wearables, apps, and devices that are Internet enabled and connected. In the future it’s likely we’re going to see a lot more of the IoT and this will impact the way we all do business.

The Internet of Things has so many opportunities for businesses and many of us are yet to realise exactly what these are, let alone take advantage of them. While it may still be relatively new, more and more new products and services are being released that tap into the IoT. Now is the time to start thinking about how your business can incorporate greater connectivity into its processes, products and services.

The IoT can help your digital marketing become more efficient, reduce costs and improve the level of service you provide your customers. Here are few ways the IoT may be able to benefit your business.


Transparency is essential for building trust with customers, and the IoT can be really useful here as it lets you keep customers, suppliers and anyone else updated with real-time information. This can also reduce the workload on your customer facing team members and improve the overall quality of your customers’ experience.


Many devices are Internet enabled for monitoring purposes. This means they will automatically tell you, or your suppliers, when they need maintaining or updating. Office equipment such as printers can send you a message when they are low on paper or ink, or send reminders when they need servicing.

Inventory systems can send you an email when they’re getting low and machines can notify you of faults and problems so you can get them fixed. This not only helps your business run more effectively, it’s a feature you may be able to build into your own products to improve customer experience and potentially increase your sales.

Self serve

A self-serve option is great for businesses that provide face-to-face services for customers. An app can help your customers place orders, give feedback and make payments from their smartphone or tablet, at any time of day or night.

More and more hospitality businesses are making use of ordering apps that let customers place an order and pay for it before they even arrive. This is great for places like takeaway cafes and it takes the load off staff during busy periods as well as saving customers time in the queue.


One of the best ways that the IoT can help your business improve and keep in touch with your customers is by giving you data about how they use your products. This data is invaluable and can help you with your future marketing, product development and customer relationship building.


While they may not be as sophisticated as self driving cars or automated office assistants, hopefully these simple ideas can give you some inspiration to start making use of the Internet of Things in your business.