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Mobile use is becoming ever more pervasive and it was recently predicted by Ericsson that by 2020, 90% of people in the world over the age of six will own a mobile phone. While I’ve already discussed the importance of mobile advertising, paid ads are not the only way that brands can, and should, be interacting with their customers over mobile.

Engagement is a huge part of marketing and any organisation that is looking to really connect with their customers should pay attention to mobile engagement as well as paid advertising. Mobile engagement means you can reach your customers at any time of day or night, wherever they might be, and more importantly, they can reach you.

Being accessible to customers whenever they have a complaint or an issue is a key aspect of great customer service. You can also use mobile engagement to keep your brand top of mind with your customers and encourage communication in both directions. Text message marketing is a fairly recent mobile marketing strategy that can be used to alert customers when you have a sale, or send discount codes and coupons as an incentive to make a purchase from you.

When you think about the alarming fact that typically you will only receive negative feedback from around 4% of your unhappy customers before they leave, your business could be losing a huge portion of your customers without even knowing why. Mobile is a convenient way for customers to give you feedback, and connecting with them over mobile makes it much easier for you to actively seek feedback through in app surveys and messaging.

If you can find out your customers’ concerns and deal with them proactively they are more likely to continue with you and become loyal brand advocates. If you don’t know what they are thinking or why they are leaving, or if you don’t respond to feedback in an effective and timely manner, your business and reputation may end up damaged.

Whatever your products or services might be, if you can find a way to engage your customers via an app or at least a mobile optimised site, you can build relationships that last and foster trust and loyalty with your customers. Actively seek out feedback and respond to negative comments and complaints quickly and your customers are likely to show their appreciation by returning over and over again.