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Are you a marketing manager and your organisation’s website is the only really obvious place that customers seeking your products or services will come to find you, then you are in luck as there is an entire world of opportunities to seduce people onto your email subscriber list.

Remember, when it comes to getting email subscribers, keep it simple and show them what you have to offer.

Here are some ways how –

Facebook – 

Building a healthy email list through your Facebook page is easy. The first step is to set up a sign-up form on your main Facebook page. When customers visit your page, give them an easy option to subscribe. Here are is an example how – from Campaign Monitor.

Also, once you’ve built it up a bit your subscriber list can be used to create highly targeted Facebook Ad Campaigns. Here’s a guide to targeted Facebook advertising that will help you get started.

Partnership Arrangements – 

Running a promotion on a partner website can really double your exposure. When promoting your business on other websites, be careful to keep your promotional content clean and non-invasive, you don’t want it to be jarring for readers or detract from the look of the host website.

Print – 

In spite of the recent swing towards online content, people do still read things on paper!!

A QR code is an easy, streamlined way for customers to opt-in to your email list. Printing a QR code on your brochures, posters, business cards, warranty cards, receipts, forms or packaging is a simple way to bring in customers. These are particularly useful at offline events where you can also collect email addresses to create new contacts.


ROKT is a platform connecting advertisers to customers when they are most receptive – just as they have made an online purchase. ROKT works at the precise moment of the transaction on some of the world’s leading ecommerce sites. I often see these ads when purchasing airline tickets from companies such as Tiger Air.

Join by Text – 


There are a number of apps available (Join by Text is one of them) that let customers subscribe via text message. All they need to do is text a simple code word to a phone number to be added to your mailing list.

Email Signatures – 

Yes, even your day to day emails can be optimised with a link to opt-in to your list in the signature.

In summary, dont forget to set up some email automation so that once your subscriber has opted in, create a welcoming email that confirms your customer’s new email subscription and perhaps even includes a special offer or other incentive to sweeten the deal.