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While Google Analytics is fantastic for measuring all kinds of data from social media, it does have its limitations. Relying solely on your Analytics data is not going to give you the full picture of how well you are engaging and reaching people across different social media platforms.

To get a true idea of what is happening you will want to use a combination of Analytics data and the social media platforms’ native analytics.

Native analytics is useful for:

Measuring levels of engagement that don’t end up in website visits, for example, likes and sharing within the social media platform.

Tracking the cost of your paid advertising and measuring your ROI and other monetary based information. This information is stored on the social media platform itself and won’t be carried across to Google Analytics.

Measuring advertising campaigns that are not based on click throughs to your site, but rather focused on other measures like shares, likes, comments and engagement on the social media site.

Much of the success of social media marketing depends on growing your audience and audience reach can be difficult to measure on Google Analytics. You might have a strong, highly engaged follower list, many of who never click through to your website, but if rely exclusively on Analytics data, you might think your social media efforts aren’t working.

Click Analytics

This is fantastic for giving you details of what posts people are clicking on. By learning which posts get the most attention you can see what content to post more of, and refine your social media marketing strategy over time.

Most platforms give you the ability to see clicks and social media engagement within their internal analytics. Buffer is also an excellent tool for not only scheduling your social media posts, but also for measuring the response as it has a great analytics section.

By taking an integrated approach to collecting and interpreting data you can get a complete picture of your social media marketing and see whether or not your hard work and advertising spend is really worth its while.

Social media marketing is ideal for businesses of all different sizes and taking the time to set up your tracking and evaluate your results means you can really get all the benefits of this fantastic marketing strategy for your business.