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It’s hard to believe we’re over half way through this year. It’s definitely been an interesting one in terms of marketing trends. Many of the predictions made by marketing agencies in 2015 have come true, and probably the biggest trend we’ve seen manifested this year has been the huge shift from written, to visual content, especially online.

Content still remains king in 2016, but like everything else it’s become increasingly visual. That is our no.1 tip as a marketing agency.

Today’s consumers find pictures, infographics and videos much more appealing than just plain text, making it more likely that they will stop and pay attention, particularly if they are on a smartphone or tablet. Millennials especially prefer watching videos and looking at images to reading pages and pages of text, so it’s a good idea to think about how you can incorporate more visual content into your marketing on an ongoing basis.

Here are a few ways you can tap into the visual trend and boost your business marketing in 2016.

Video advertising bigger than ever

Video ads have become a big thing in 2016 with many business’ ad spend being allocated to videos over anything else. This isn’t surprising as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are now including videos in their feeds, giving YouTube some stiff competition. Instagram in particular is really paving the way for this, having just secured 41 tech partnerships with companies who can help brands build, launch and optimise campaigns.

Vine is predicted to become a big player in advertisements in 2016. Vine Clips, which are six-second videos, were slowly starting to get adopted by brands in 2015, but this has dramatically increased with many brands fully adopting it as a viable marketing platform this year.

The rise of the GIF

In 2015 we saw the introduction of GIFs on social media for marketing purposes. This has increased dramatically in 2016. These short, looping clips allow your business to be showcased in a short, visual and engaging way.

Google loves video content

Google has recently updated its search engine algorithm to include video content in hits. It’s worth keeping this in mind when creating your content and including more videos where possible.

Videos are a great way of showcasing your product or business in different ways and it has been shown that they contribute to a lower bounce rate. By supplementing your video content with key words, tags and optimised meta-descriptions, you can keep both the search engines and your website visitors happy.

Staying on top of the visual trend is essential for marketing your business correctly. No matter what type of business you have, visual content is eye-catching and a sure fire way for you to instantly appear more exciting and innovative.