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business marketing strategy

business marketing strategy

These three consumer trends for 2016 that will influence your business marketing strategy, combine the innovations that consumers want and giving marketers the tools and the inspiration to really push your business to its limits.

Beneficial Intelligence

Consumers want products and services, which will make their lives more efficient. Artificial intelligence will help to as this trend, enabling interaction with objects without the need for a screen.

One of the biggest predictions for 2016 is ‘smart commuting’. Commuters on trains will feel their time is more meaningful and isn’t wasted, real time crowd information and smarter predictions for delays is also highly anticipated. It has also been predicted that Virtual Reality technology will become more mainstream in 2016.

There were signs of beneficial intelligence in 2015, and that will only grow.

Google – machine learning service automatically crafts emails responses for you

Cognitoy – Kickstarter toy that evolves with children

Google – self – drive car

Contextual Omnipresence

Brands are going to try and be everywhere at once, most using technology to try and get that one step ahead. However, if you want to be smart think about the customers needs and wants first. Trendwatching suggested thinking about this equation; ‘innovative channels + nuanced contexts = right place + right time.

Here are some of the brands that started thinking outside the box in 2015.

Dominos- Customers can now order their favourite pizza, by tweeting or texting the pizza emoji, using a Siri-like app, or while using the phone compatible Ford.

Hotel Banks & Pimkie: Antwerp’s hotel Banks partnered with the fashion brand Pimkie, and created a fashion bar in the hotels rooms.

Perspective Shift

Consumers will expect the unexpected, so playfully reposition your product or service in order to offer a new perspective that shocks your customers into a radically new appreciation of the value your offering. Make this work for your business by thinking of a product the opposite of yours in terms of value positioning, and make it work.

Transavia: The budget airline created branded packets of chips, candy and cereal bars that doubled as plane tickets, in order to compare the price of a flight with causal spending.


Stockpile: Produced gift cards, which reframed the thinking around buying stocks and shares.

By thinking outside the box, and using new innovative technology, you can improve your businesses’ selling prospects in the face of a rapidly changing consumer world.