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The top companies in marketing will be onto this, that hyper – personalisation is the big trend in 2016, more and more companies will be marketing messages tailored to the individual instead of the masses. Our personal data due to the increased use of social media, is more available, then ever before. Consumers are wanting more personal relationship with the companies they use, and for marketers, we have more tools available to enable this.

Here are a few tips to help you be successful at this trend.

1. Get to know and understand your consumer.

Before you start to personalise your content to your customer you need to really get to know them. It is important that this data is behavioural driven and not just ‘big data’, such as gender or age. To really be successful in personalisation, you need to be able to predict what your customer will what before they do. This essentially all comes down to behavioural economics and understanding the emotional intent of a customer online.

2. Know how to interpret the data correctly.

Analytics have advanced dramatically in recent times, and data can tell you so much about a customer, this makes it more vital that you are able to interpret the data correctly. Investing in the right tools, to ensure that you have interrupted the data correctly will mean that the humanised content will lead to a dramatic increase in sales, and encourage users to stay longer on your website, and you will have an increased level of customer satisfaction.

3. Be transparent and authentic.

Personalisation is all about the individual and creating strong customer loyalty and building a trust between you and your customer. Therefore, it is essential that you are transparent when mapping relationship-marketing tactics.

4. Stay up to date.

Virtual reality is a big piece of technology fully emerging in 2016. The ability to tell 360-degree stories will really add a new level of engagement for you to have with your customer. Pairing this technology with software such as Predictive intelligence will really mean your company is ahead of the game when it comes to hyper-personalisation.

Personalisation will continue to grow as it gives content the power to stand out. Don’t get left behind when it comes to hyper-personalisation marketing, get it right and you will have the edge on your competitors.