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Marketing your business is important, whether you are a business owner or marketing manager. With that in mind, a clear, stand out call to action is an essential part of your lead generation strategy. A good call to action (CTA) should draw in your target audience and if they don’t first convert when they visit to your website for example, you have strategies to get them back. This where a killer call to action comes in.

Here are some tips on how to develop great calls to action.

1. Keep it short

Your calls to action should be kept as short as possible and collecting a name and an email address is should be sufficient. Studies have shown that a form with three fields has a conversion rate of 25%, and the more fields added the more the rate decreases.

2. Attractive Value proposition

Depending on type of business you have, the chances are that B2C customers aren’t just going to subscribe in return for nothing, so give them an incentive to do so. Offer a promo code, or a free trail, add in words such a ‘try’, ‘free trial’, ‘limited time’ alongside the value proposition, as this will likely increase its chance of success.

3. Keep it focused

The whole point is that they your target market is focused on one action only, so its important that you don’t make it complicated.

Give your CTA a sense of urgency, and play with the idea that consumers are only on the website for one thing, and if your CTA isn’t focused then they will click away. Using words such as ‘now’ or ‘today’, alongside your value proposition, will give you a higher conversion rate.

4. Make it stand out

The whole point of a landing page is that it is focused on getting customers, so you need to make sure your call to action stands out to.

A top tip here is to keep the CTA before the fold or make it a pop up, as this will give you more clicks and conversions. A consumer will decide within the first few minutes whether or not they are going to stick around, so getting your leads should be the first thing your website tries to do.

5. Test it

It is important, as there will always be room for improvement with more opportunities for chances for conversions and leads. So even if you have followed these tips, follow this one to. Play around with colours, fonts, sizes, copy and positioning on your landing page. Also, tailor different CTAs for different audiences if you can. We all respond well to well executed personalisation.